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Saving Money on Haircuts

One of the ways we save quite a bit of money is by cutting our own hair. By that I mean I cut everybody’s hair. We purchased a $20 pair of clippers, which is about the price of one haircut now-a-days. The clippers usually last around a year. I only use the clippers on the boys because it’s pretty easy to buzz their hair off. It may not look professional but I don’t think it looks bad. The last time I did Joel’s he asked, “Are you sure your a professional?” I’m sure I’m not, because moments later I proceeded to accidentally cut his ear with the clippers.

It looks like I’m really butchering his hair and torturing him, but really he’s just got light hair and wanted look silly for the camera.

Jonathan likes my hair short and that means getting it cut monthly by a stylist. Well, short hair for me isn’t in the budget right now. So, now I’m growing it out. I’m about ready for the change anyhow. I think I’m just getting past that middle length awkward stage, where I just can’t do anything with it.

The girls have had shorter hair but are now growing it out too. I did have to even out Lydia’s hair a little and think it turned out okay. It was the first time I had attempted to cut the girls hair, not counting bangs. I’m looking forward to fixing their longer hair again. There’s so much more fun things that you can do with girl’s long hair. Time to start a new board on Pinterest.

Do you have any bad memories of getting your hair cut at home?

8 thoughts on “Saving Money on Haircuts

  1. I’m the resident barber around these parts, too. (Except when my 4yo DD decides to do hers herself! lol)

    The only time anyone cut my hair at home was my grandmother and she completely butchered it. Went from waist-length to at my ears. Bawled my eyes out. Never was able to grow it that long again. 😦


  2. Oh yeah….apparently all those gadgets aka guards that come with a clipper are supposed to be used. I didn’t. Here’s a tip: don’t start in the middle of the head, going front to back. Josh ended up running out the front door after he saw the first swipe I did on Aaron’s head. And Aaron…well, let’s just say he wore a hat for 6 weeks.


  3. I tried cutting my son’s hair many years ago and had the clippers too short. His hair ended up being way too short (close to the scalp) because my mom had to ‘repair’ his hair after I started!

    I haven’t tried since, but I’d like to since hair cuts are so expensive.


  4. I’m the resident barber, too! I usually do a combo of clippers and scissors on my 4 boys, and scissors only on my dh. I haven’t cut my ds5’s hair yet. She cut it herself several times when she was 4, and I didn’t have the skills to get the cut right. I take her to the local Great Clips which is $10 for kids.

    For myself, I kept it long to shoulder length for many years, and didn’t need many cuts during the year. However, since I went shorter last August, I’ve been going more often, but…I still haven’t found a good cut. I don’t want to pay $65 for a good cut! I may end up growing my hair back out again.


    1. I’ve tried scissors a couple times on my son and it never really works out. I end up just using the clippers on the whole head. I think I need a few more lessons.

      It is really hard to find a good hair stylist, especially when you don’t want to pay a lot.


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