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Thrifty Thursday :: Media

Books, movies, and music are all things we love to have around. When you’re trying to save money you can’t just go out to see every great movie that’s out or shell out the $20 for the newest bestselling book.

Here are some ways I have found to save and still be thoroughly entertained.

  1. Borrow from a friend– We all have friends and most of our friends probably have their own book, movie, and magazine collection. Ask if you can borrow one the next time your over. They can only read one book or watch one movie at a time. Don’t forget to offer to share with your friends too.
  2. Borrow from the library– Libraries are a wealth of freebies. They have books, music, movies, magazines, etc. In Minnesota we have the option to borrow from most libraries throughout the state, so we can really easily get that certain book or movie we want.
  3. OnlinePaperbackswap and similar sites are places you can list books that you want to get rid of to earn points for books you do want. You can also do this with DVD’s at SwapaDVD. Get the Kindle app. There are always books being add to the free section or try a classic. If there is a certain show you like on TV check Hulu or the TV network’s website. Music is a whole new ballgame these days. I don’t remember the last time I spent money on music. Pandora is on regularly at our house.
  4. Redbox– Use Redbox to save money on movie rentals. You can get new releases for only a little over $1. You can even get them for free sometimes if you get codes from
  5. NetflixNetflix is really not a big savings, but if you opt for the streaming only instead of going to the movie theater or renting it can be a  cheaper option.
  6. Second hand stores– Good-Will, Savers, Half Price Books- People are always getting rid of things. Most people only read a book once and they’re done with it. Check these stores to get a discounted price on movies, books, and music.
  7. Cheap Seats– If you really want to see a movie in the movie theater look for the nights that they have a special. Mondays and Tuesday nights are usually slow and sometimes they sell cheaper tickets. Matinees are also a good option. In bigger cities you can usually find a theater that plays the “older ” movies for $2-3. There is also a website, gofobo,that gives you opportunities for movie screenings. You can see the movies before they are released, for free. I have not tried it yet but it looks like a great option. Now if I could just find a free babysitter…

I’m sure there’s a lot more. What ways do you save on entertainment?

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