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First Book Report

Abigail, my 9 year old, just wrote her first written book report for school. I told her that I would share it here. She will be doing at least one a month and I will be posting them here. I think it’s fun to see a book from her perspective. I’m hoping that it may give other families some ideas for books to read also.

Alice in Wonderland is by Lewis Carrol. This fiction book has 201 pages.


This book is about a girl named Alice who fell down a hole into a world called “Wonderland”. There she sees many curious sights and does many curios deeds. She also meets many peculiar people.


My favorite part is when Alice drank from a little bottle, while she was in the rabbits house. She became her usual size filling the house! The rabbit and his gardener threw a bucket full of rocks at her and the rocks became little cupcakes! She ate one and became small again. While the animals were distracted she hurried into the woods, where she was safe until her next adventure.


What was your favorite book at this age?

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