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How I did on my 3 in 30 Goals for January

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It’s the last day of the January and time to look at how I’ve done on my 3 in 30 goals for this month.

1. Budget my time. I started this month by writing out a timed schedule which was quite helpful to remind myself of all that needs to get done in a day. Writing it was pretty easy but doing it proved to be very difficult. Trying to keep the many schedules I had written was quite overwhelming. I have decided this is a goal that needs to be more focused, so I’ll be working on my individual time commitments in the coming months.

2. Wake up early. This went well. It was very helpful that I started the hello mornings group mid-month for accountability. I love being up before everyone in the house. It isn’t always easy, especially since I really like staying up late, but I continually need to weigh what’s more important to me.

3. Thank you cards. Done. I procrastinated to the last-minute on some, but I got all mine and my kids thank you cards for Christmas written and sent. I also sent out a couple extra.

I have loved joining the 3 in 30 link-up. It is such a great idea to make a few goals each month, instead of just one overwhelming list for the year. I really appreciate having the accountability, encouragement, and getting ideas from the other goal setters in the group.

How did you do with your goals?

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5 thoughts on “How I did on my 3 in 30 Goals for January

  1. Stopping by from the Apologia Blog linkup!

    I definitely need to get a goal set for getting up early!! I “want” to do that…but the rest of me stays snuggled under the warm blankets! Congrats on setting goals and following through. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tammy! It is always hard getting out of the warmth but getting my exercise and quiet without interruptions is well worth it.


  2. Love that you had sending out cards on your list! I had put that on mine, too. Not just thank you’s but sending out actual cards. I miss that lost art! and people are worth it! πŸ˜‰


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