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Thrifty Thursday:: Saving Money on Your Phone Bill

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One of the ways that our family has been able to save some money on monthly expenses is by looking over our utility bills. One of those utilities is our phone. Here are some ways we have found that we can save on our phone bills each month.

  1. Ditch the landline. We have been without a landline for around 5 years. We really don’t have a need for it since we both have cell phones. If our babysitter doesn’t have one we just leave one of ours with her.
  2. Shop around. Check out the different phone companies. See what they offer and what you need. Look for the best price for the minutes. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower rate, especially when a competitor is offering it.
  3. Get a cheap phone. Usually when you sign up for a plan there’s a free phone. Take it. I know it’s fun to have all the bells and whistles of a smart phone but think of what else you could do with that $30-200.
  4. Drop the data plan. It’s really nice having a data plan but it does get expensive. You can usually find wi-fi nearby if you really need to get online for something. We dropped ours and have been saving about $50 a month.
  5. Call on off-peak hours. Most plans have hours where you can call on nights and weekends that won’t count toward your minutes. Use these times to make your calls. Make a reminder in your calendar if you need to.
  6. Keep a tab on your account. Check on your account every once in a while to make sure your not close to going over on any minutes or texts. The overage charges can be killers and you can usually avoid those by knowing where you’re at.
  7. Call over the internet. This day in age we live in has made this so easy. Most people are already paying for internet access, so use it and make your call for free. This is especially great for saving on international calls. There are all kinds of ways to do this: Facebook, Skype, and Facetime just to name a few.

What other ways have you saved on your phone bills?


4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday:: Saving Money on Your Phone Bill

  1. Love the tips! I was thinking about getting a Skype phone for our home. We have 5 kids, and the oldest one, ds15, babysits for us on the rare occasion we go out. My only concern about the Skype phone is being able to transfer our current phone number from one company to another.

    My current plan is up in August, and I’m looking forward to shopping around.


    1. Thanks, Barb! I don’t know much about the Skype phone, but I think my Father-in-law has it and it seems to work good for him. Have fun shopping around!


  2. We really like Ooma. We have recovered start-up costs for it in 6 months, so now all we pay is the Gore Tax and whatever local taxes there are. The nice thing about Ooma is that it connects into the broad band before the computers so one can treat it like a land line-–one never wait for the computer to boot up…
    Also all long distant is free all the time within the USA. And there are very low rates to Canada (like 1or 2c a min) and other countries.


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