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Getting What We Deserve

BBC Cross

Photo by Ihar

As a christian I know that I deserve death, but God has paid that price for me and given me the gift of life through his Son’s death on the cross.

As a parent I try and teach this truth to my children, I never know if I’m getting through. Sometimes I think that it’s so hard to fight the what the world is saying, “You deserve better, You deserve the best…”

Yesterday we were running errands and I had the radio on in the car. There were commercials on, so I wasn’t really tuned in to what they were saying. That was until my daughter Abigail said, “I’m not going there!” in comment to one of the commercials.

I thought about what I had heard in the background. It was some commercial about jewelry, and the guy in the ad said, “We’ll treat you like you deserve!”

She’s getting it! We don’t want to be treated like we deserve, Jesus got what we deserve and it wasn’t pretty.

There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

The thing I love about teaching my children truth in these moments is that all of sudden they are preaching right back at me. If I continue guiding them in His truth, I am guiding myself while I do it. I am teaching them and hopefully, like this time, they will teach me or hold me accountable when they see sin.

Thank you Jesus that I will not be treated like I deserve! Thank you that my daughter is getting the message and knows what we deserve, and that it is not drowned out by the world’s shouting.

God is so good!


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