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February 3 in 30 Goals : Day 18

  1. Keep with my cleaning schedule: This is still going really well. This week I deep cleaned the bathrooms including organizing the cupboards. It is nice to have some little helpers to keep up with the chores. I do need to work on decluttering other areas of my house. This next week I will work on spending 15 minutes a day on specific cluttered areas. I also hope to share my schedule with you next week.
  2. Fixing my girl’s hair: This is going pretty well too. I tried a new style on Lydia’s hair on Sunday and I am obviously not a professional hair stylist. The ponytails, later this week, looked great! I still need to work on experimenting with new styles.
  3. Losing 5 pounds: This week I started out with a bad attitude, because, really, this is going to be a long journey to lose all the weight that I want to this year. It’s going to be hard and it’s not always going to be fun. I need to remember to take one week at a time, then the goal is more manageable. I did my exercise 5 days this week with Jillian and drank a lot of water. The hard part continues to be eating right. The second half of this week I started tracking my calories and really watching my portions. I did lose some weight this week, albeit a small amount. I will continue to wait to tell you what I lose until the end of the month.

How are you doing on your goals?
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