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Thrifty Thursday :: Green Quality Cleaning

There are endless ways to save money on cleaning. Just search on the web and you’ll get so many options you won’t know where to start. Now I’m going to add my ideas into the mix. These ways may not seem all that thrifty at first, but I have found that they really save me money in the long run. I have found that it is worth investing in something that has great quality, because it will most likely end up saving you money in the long run.

This month I have been working on my goal of keeping up with my cleaning schedule. I showed you what my cleaning schedule looked like and now I thought I would show you the tools I use to get my house clean.

  1. Norwex Envirocloth– Those of you who have heard of Norwex know that this cloth is not cheap, so why is it thrifty? One reason is that these cloths are very well made and so they last a long time. Another reason is that all you need is water to clean with them. I use them for cleaning many things, but I mostly use it on the kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, and toilet. These cloths are also great for cleaning up the sticky handprints kids leave on your walls in your home or car.
  2. Norwex Window Cloth– I love this cloth. I never have any streaks on my windows and mirrors after using it. I just get the window wet with the Envirocloth and then wipe it dry with the window cloth. This is another more spendy cloth at first, but it is also long lasting.
  3. Vinegar and baking soda-You will find countless uses for these if you search online. I use them for cleaning the toilet bowls and oven. Add some castille soap and you have a natural soft scrub to clean the tub or toilets. I used to use vinegar and water for windows and floors also, but now Norwex cloths and water take care of it.
  4. Norwex Wet Mop– This is another spendy item, so when I bought it I just bought the mop pad and put it on my old swiffer mop. Just add water and mop your floors. It is worth the investment.
  5. Microfiber duster– You thought I was going to say Norwex again didn’t you? I do use my Envirocloth for dusting occasionally, but I got a microfiber dusting cloth from my MIL a couple years ago and it works great too. I love how the dust sticks to it instead of flying everywhere.
  6. Quality vacuum– For the first ten years of our marriage we went through a vacuum every couple years. We just kept buying a cheap one because we didn’t want to put too much money into a vacuum. After the 5th vacuum, we were ready to invest in something worth our while. We did some research and found that an Oreck would be best for us. We have had it a year and a half and are very happy with it. We have a 6 year warranty, so we are pretty confident we will be getting our money’s worth.

What ways have you found to save money in cleaning in your home?

Update: I loved the products SO much I decided to become an independent sales consultant with Norwex. Feel free to browse more great products at my Norwex website or read my new blog Above Average Cleaning.


2 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday :: Green Quality Cleaning

  1. I love love love my Orek. I think it lasted 5 years and then I bought a cheap one (we were moving and I didn’t know what kind of house we would have so I didn’t want to invest in a good one.)

    I will definitely buy another one some day.

    I haven’t ever used Norwex, but I keep hearing about them. Thanks for the review. I do use items and have liked a lot of their products too.


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