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March Edition of 3 in 30 Goals

It’s March! Can you believe it? Time for me to set three new goals for this month. Finding a goal is never hard, but picking from the many things I want to accomplish is difficult.

Here are the goals that I’ve come up with for this month.

  1. Make a list of books needed for homeschool next year and include a price list. It’s almost time for our homeschool convention. I always try to be prepared with my list of books that I need to get for the next year. The reason I do that is because they have a big used book selection and I can also get free shipping on most new items that I need. Being prepared makes looking through the gazillion book titles and prices much easier.
  2. Continue Memorizing Romans 5. I started memorizing this in January and got through verse 10. Then in February I totally dropped the ball. I want to get back into it because of all the great things that come with memorizing scripture. I would love to finish the whole chapter, but I don’t know if I can get that far in this month. I am going to work on it each day and see how far I can get.
  3. Eat more salad. This goes along with my goal from last month of losing weight. I don’t want to just have a smaller number on the scale. I want to be eating healthier too. This is a difficult area for me, because salads just don’t taste as good as everything else. I know I need to work on this and I’m looking forward to the benefits that it brings with it.

What goals do you have for this month?
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14 thoughts on “March Edition of 3 in 30 Goals

  1. I love the new look. I tend to read your posts in my reader, so I don’t get to your Blog too often. It looks great!

    I continue to enjoy your transparency in every post you write. May God continue to use you through your blog!

    Have a blessed day!


  2. Great goals! Being organized going into a homeschool conference is so important, isn’t it? Makes looking for what you need so much easier. The picture of the salad looks very good. If only those fresh ingredients were available in the garden or farmers’ market now.


    1. That was my thought too. I have done Psalm 23, most of Psalm 139(only because my kids had to memorize it for a choir song), and 1/2 of Hebrews 12.


  3. I love the curriculum planning goal. I like the salads, too. When I was pregnant last, I had a salad of steak strips, romaine, various veggies, and banana peppers every day for months. Kept my blood sugar stable and it didn’t make me sick 🙂


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