March 3 in 30 Goals : Day 16

We’re half-way through the month already. This month has been a little difficult in the goals area. I haven’t been really motivated and I’ve let that hinder some of my goals. Here’s how I’m doing…

  1. Make a list of books needed for homeschool next year and include a price list. I have started making the list but I have a long ways to go. Looking up the prices is the most time consuming part and I haven’t even started that yet.
  2. Continue memorizing Romans 5. I am ashamed to say that I have really only worked on this a couple times. I know that I have retained about 9 verses from my start-up in January, but I have not worked on it enough to add anymore. I know this is a very important goal, so I need to act like it is and have something to show for it.
  3. Eat more salad. This is going okay but not great. The first week I had five or six salads. This week I have only had two. I know it would benefit me to have my menu planned for my family and me. Then I wouldn’t be scrambling for a meal at the last minute.

Time for me to step over my unmotivated self and get to work!

How are you doing on your goals?

3in30 Challenge

10 thoughts on “March 3 in 30 Goals : Day 16

  1. Great goals!! I really find 3 in 30 keeps me motivated and conscientious when I decide to be lazy or just completely forget.
    I am with Jenni on this one. Great job!


  2. You’ve got great goals. I haven’t thought much about our homeschool curriculum next year, much less price it. (You’re making me feel bad!) Don’t worry, though, you’ve still got half of the month to finish your goals.


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