Journey to a Healthier Me 3/21

I had a post planned for today. It was in my head and I tried to write it down but the words aren’t quite clicking today. I also don’t have extra time to think right now. So you’ll have to stay tuned to see what else motivates me next week, besides my BMI and my kids.

This week went pretty well. I did have a piece of birthday cake and sherbet, but I feel like I was able to compensate with extra exercise this week. It has been so nice out lately I’ve been able to get out for quite a few walks and even a couple bike rides.

I am feeling pretty healthy even though I have more pounds to lose. Changing my diet and exercise has been very helpful in the energy department also. My clothes are starting to get loose and I LOVE that!

Weight last week: 172.5

Weight this week: 171

What’s one thing you have done this week to promote a healthier body?

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