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March 3 in 30 : Day 31

This month just flew by. It’s already time to check in on my goals for the month.

  1. Make a list of books needed for homeschool next year and include a price list. Done! I finished late last night but I have my list of books with prices. Now I’m ready for the homeschool convention.
  2. Continue memorizing Romans 5. I have added a couple of verses. So now I know 1-11 but I have not really made the progress I wanted to on this goal. I am going to continue working on it because I know it’s important to keep these truths with me wherever I go.
  3. Eat more salad. Overall this has gone pretty well. I have eaten a lot more salad this month. I still need to work on variation to keep it interesting. The salad pictured above was pretty tasty. Made up of spring mix lettuce mixed with spinach, grilled chicken(marinated in italian dressing), feta cheese, almonds, and peppers.

How did you do on your goals for this month?

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