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Journey to a Healthier Me : Motivation #4

I’ve been sharing what motivated me to start losing weight. Now I’d like to share a motivation that I got after I started.


To date I have lost 9 inches.

The number dropping on the scale is great but it’s the clothes getting looser that makes it all worth it and shows that my work is paying off.

Last year I made a dress with my Titus 2 mentor. She was teaching us how to sew and had us pick out  a pattern of anything, and I picked this dress. She very patiently helped me piece together every piece of this dress. She admittedly said she wasn’t a sewing pro, but compared to me she was a wealth of knowledge.

We worked on this dress for about a year, because we only met about once a month or bimonthly. When we were almost done, I had the thought, “What if it doesn’t fit?” We had worked really hard on it and it’s a cute, well made dress and what if it just has to sit in my closet?

We finished it and I tried it on and it was pretty tight. I could barely zip it. I was bummed.

Fast forward through a few months (of hard work). I saw it hanging in my closet. I thought I should try it on, I bet it fits a little better now.

It fits! I can zip it quite easily! So, here’s to wearing my new spring dress! You know what I’ll be wearing Easter Sunday!

Thank you for the dress, Carol!

Weight last week: 168.5 lbs.

Weight this week: 167.5 lbs.

Total loss this year: 16.5 lbs.

What motivates  you to get healthier?


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