5 Reasons I Wish We Weren’t Moving This Month

We are moving this month. Moving is not new to us. This will be our 12th move in our almost 14 years of marriage. This particular move is most daunting because of all that’s going on. Here are some reasons I wish we weren’t moving this month.

  1. It’s a big birthday month. It is my daughter’s and my birthday this month. Who wants to pack on their birthday? Let alone make a cake, organize a party, or try and find the perfect birthday gift, in the midst of packing.
  2. It’s the month of the homeschool convention. It’s the same time every year- either on or right by my birthday. I’m trying to spend more time packing, then pondering over what books I’ll be buying for the next school year. Two whole days we’ll be absorbing homeschooling tips and then back to packing, not my ideal scenario.
  3. It’s Easter one of my husbands busy work times. My husband works for a church, so this is one of the busiest times of his year. Not to mention he’ll be gone on a 5 day work trip the day after the homeschool convention, the week right before we move.
  4. Taking more days off school to pack. Taking time to pack means taking time away from other things, namely school. This means we’ll be going a little longer into the summer. Dread.
  5. Guests visiting. We have people coming to stay at our house this month. People are always welcome to stay with us, but I would feel better if they could stay with us and feel restful. I don’t imagine being surrounded by boxes and leftover clutter is an ideal stay. Thankfully it’s family and they don’t mind as much.

I’m not only focused on the negative. There are great reasons why we are moving and I’ll share those next week.

To end on a positive note, I am excited to say that all of our books are packed! This is a big step since we have over 600.

I also have accumulated a trash bag and a box full of stuff to get rid of. Yeah for decluttering!

Well, I better get back to packing.

Have a great weekend!

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