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Journey to a Healthier Me : Half-Way There

Before Photo

I have been tracking my weight using Spark People and when I started out they made the goal of 142 lbs for me. I don’t know how they decide the goal weight but it is within the middle of the normal BMI range, so I’m good with it.

I’m very excited to share that on my weigh-in today I have hit my half way mark.

Here is a look back at how I’ve done it.

What motivated me to start.

My kids keep me going.

Recognizing my sin and letting God be my comfort instead of food.

Fitting into my clothes.

Changing what I drink.

Starting to exercise.

Jillian helped.

Last week’s weight: 164.5

This week’s weight: 163 lbs.

Total weight loss this year: 21 lbs.

After Photo

Only 21 more to go!

All by God’s grace!

18 thoughts on “Journey to a Healthier Me : Half-Way There

  1. Paula! That’s fabulous. You look great and most important, I’m sure you are feeling great. I’m slowly trying to shed baby pounds. So far, so good. Got 30 pounds to go…


  2. Wow Paula! You look amazing! Thank you for being an inspiration of God’s grace and for being faithful to finish what you began! May God continue His beautiful work in you!


  3. That is absolutely inspiring! I’ve been working on it since mid March and it’s very slow going. Keep up the great work, Paula! What a lifestyle change!


    1. Thanks, Tina! It has been 1 lb at a time here. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but it seems slow is best. Can’t wait to hear your progress as you keep working on it!


  4. Paula, I love that you are sharing your journey here and I love that your approach to all of this is holistic. You are focusing on your relationship with God, exercise, your health, and your changing figure. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for being real and letting us in to walk with you. I’m on my own journey in all of these areas and it helps to see someone doing it well.


    1. Thanks, Alia! I’m hoping doing it this way will be a life lasting journey. I feel very blessed that God is able to use it to inspire others.


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