My Favorite Birthday Gift This Year

It was my daughter Lydia’s birthday last month and it was also my birthday, on the same day. Since we share a birthday, we often just focus on my daughter and make her feel special. Twenty-five years of having the birthday all to myself was plenty.

This year we were going to be gone at our homeschool conference, so we celebrated a little early as a family. Her Grandma and cousins came to celebrate with her on her actual birthday.

One of her gifts she received from her grandma was beads to make into necklaces.

While I was gone all day I came home and the kids were in bed and found a little gift on my bed. It was a necklace made especially for me from my little girl.

The best part was the little message she had written on the back for me.

I, of course, had to wear it the next day. So, if you see a woman proudly wearing a Melissa and Doug beaded necklace, she may not be a looney. She may just be a mother wearing something that is more precious than pearls.

Do you have a treasured gift that one of your children has made for you?

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