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News to Me

Yesterday we got a newspaper. This is not a regular occurrence. We do not subscribe, but occasionally the paper company will send us a free one, so we see what we’re missing.

I do enjoy reading the newspaper, occasionally. Probably more so, since I don’t read it every day.

I opened up the paper and scanned the articles on the front page.

A title caught my eye. New murder trial ordered for teen mom

I started skimming it. Teen mother….stabbing….newborn…

My heart contorts and repulses.

How could she?

What kind of person…

I wanted to stop reading. Maybe I should just toss this “news” in the trash.

I don’t want to see any more.

God enters in.

What kind of person?

A person like you.

You were that kind of person.

You were that sinner.

That could be you.

But God. But Grace came in.

So, I sit. I ponder.

I pray to my God.

I thank him for His saving grace.

I pray for this girl who has not experienced yet.



8 thoughts on “News to Me

  1. Whenever a person treats someone in our family with unkindness, such as a driver flipping us the bird, or someone using unkind words to us, we pray for them… I love that my kids ask Jesus to “warm the heart” of others…


    1. Sounds like you are training your children well! Thanks for sharing. I should definitely be putting more prayer into practice with my children.


  2. Oh my heart. I cannot even fathom what leads one to that.
    and to think…God loves her as much as He loves me. He offers us both freedom from our bondage.
    praying and hoping with you, friend.


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