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Journey to a Healthier Me: Buying New Summer Clothes

Well, it’s almost here. The season that is dreaded by a lot of us women. I am thinking about summer, but more specifically swimsuit season.

You see your summer clothes and think back to winter. You wish you would have gotten on the treadmill a few more times. Maybe you shouldn’t have tried all the different Christmas cookies that the neighbors dropped by. You know those choices will affect how your summer clothes or swimsuit are going to fit.

As I started my healthy journey this year, I knew that summer would come fast. I wasn’t thinking about being able to fit into my summer clothes. I was hoping by making healthier choices, I would not fit into my summer clothes. This year it wouldn’t be because I was too big for them.

This picture is of me today and me last summer, in the same clothes.

Last week, my husband took me shopping for some new clothes, because I had achieved my goal. My summer clothes are too big, including my swimsuit!

I must admit, it’s a lot more fun shopping for a smaller size. I didn’t buy a whole lot, because I am honestly hoping to drop another size by the end of the summer.

You may be reading this and wishing you had started exercising this winter. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what choices you made yesterday or what size you are. What really matters is, what are you going to start doing today to make your body healthier? Are you getting enough exercise every day? Are you filling your body with foods that will help your body, rather than harm?

Start making good choices today!

My weight last week: 160 pounds

My weight this week: 158.5 pounds

Total weight lost this year: 25.5 pounds!

I have lost over 25 pounds and made it into the 150’s! That is just crazy to me! I am very thankful for God’s grace to keep me going on this path. I’m also thankful for all the encouragement from my family and all of you reading this. You all keep me going.

How are you getting healthier this week?

8 thoughts on “Journey to a Healthier Me: Buying New Summer Clothes

  1. WAY TO GO!!!!! Love when you can see the difference! I’m down 22 pounds from last summer (15 for the year) and haven’t even thought about my swimsuit yet…note to self…


    1. Thanks, Nikki! Good job on your weight loss! I wouldn’t have thought of putting on my swimsuit yet, but the pool just opened. My kids have been dying to go, ever since it got filled with water.


  2. You look awesome! Congrats. And I love this sentence “Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what choices you made yesterday or what size you are”

    Keep up the great work.


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