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Journey to a Healthier Me : Evaluation

When I started tracking my goals with SparkPeople this year, it said I should reach the goal weight of 142 by October 25, 2012. That date seemed like a long way off, but now I am a little over half way there.

Losing about 1 pound a week, it seemed to go slow. Now being half way to the goal date and having lost 25 lbs., time seems to have flown by.

I thought this half way point would be a good time to give myself an evaluation. I need to do this to keep moving forward. I feel that it may get harder to lose the weight, so I need to stay on task. So, let’s see how I’m doing.

Exercise – I was a couch potato. Then I started out exercising slowly and then got to the point where I exercised every day. Right now I exercise 4-6 times a week. I am very happy with where I am with my exercise. I would maybe like to get in more after dinner walks with the family. Just that little extra movement helps.

Water Intake – Water was pretty much non-existent in my beverage choices when I started out. Then I cut out my pop and cut back on my coffee, and drinking water became more frequent. I was able to drink my recommended 80 ounces a few days a week. Lately, I’ve been having coffee almost every morning and that hinders my water intake. I would like to cut back further on my coffee to 2-3 days a week and make sure I continually keep my water bottle filled. I also need to start tracking my water intake again. Drinking water helps me feel better overall (especially compared to coffee) and helps me feel more full.

Food Portions – I used to overeat big time, eating until I felt sick to my stomach. I started watching my portions and eventually was able to feel full on a lot less. I haven’t been watching my portions to steadily lately. I need to work on not taking seconds.

Food Choices – This is a big area where I have always struggled. The bad food tastes SO good. A lot of the easier meals are not the healthiest. I have worked on trying to eat more salads and that is actually going pretty well. We have been going through a lot more lettuce in our house lately. I still need to eat more fruits and vegetables. I also need to work on finding more healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Weight LossI started out with a BMI of 29.8, just .2  away from being obese. Now my BMI is 25.7. I am still in the overweight range, but I am at the other end getting closer to a normal weight range. I am ahead of schedule on my weight loss according to the SparkPeople report, despite having gained half a pound this week. That feels great. I am happy with the weight I am at, but my goal is to at least get to the normal weight range. I don’t want the number on the scale to be my focus. If I’m making healthy decisions about what I put into my body and getting enough exercise, I’m happy.

Overall – I am so thrilled with where I am at. I feel so much better. I have much more energy. My clothes are getting looser. I am being a good example to my kids. I feel like I am taking care of the body that God has given to me. I am living a healthier life.

My weight last week: 158.5 pounds

My weight this week: 159 pounds

Total weight lost this year: 25 pounds

How are you doing on your health goals? Do you need to re-evaluate?

Make sure to come back next Wednesday. I will be sharing my current exercise routine with a giveaway!

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