Homeschool Room Organization

Last week I was blessed with an offer I couldn’t refuse. My mother-in-law offered to take my kids for a couple of days. Then my parents said they would like them for a day too! I was so excited to have a few uninterrupted days to myself. I immediately started making a list of things I would do. One of the things that made the list was organizing my homeschool room.

When we moved in, a month ago, I just kind of put stuff on shelves so it would be out of the way. I also had a few miscellaneous boxes to go through that may or may not have belonged in the homeschool room. This disorganization made this room less usable and hard to find things.

After a day of relaxing, I took on the job. I had a box to put stuff in that I needed to sell, had a garbage can ready, and a dust rag in hand. I cleared a place on the floor and started making it more messy. The main thing I had to work on was the big bookshelf. I took everything off the top of the shelf and dusted. Then I put my mason jars of learning tools back up on top. I love having these out in the open to remind myself to use them and I think it’s a cool decoration.

Next up I went through each shelf. I knew the first shelf would be mostly for me, since it is up high. I decided to put my teacher books up there, portfolios, and curriculum workbooks that are not being used right now.

The second shelf I filled with mostly history books. We have a lot that we have used with our Tapestry of Grace curriculum, plus some American Girl books, and Little House on the Prairie. I also put my kids workboxes on that shelf, since it is at their level.

The third shelf has coloring books, science books, classic literature, and art supplies.

On the bottom shelf are the drawers. The drawers are filled with my Tapestry of Grace curriculum that’s not in use, Math manipulatives, Science tools, and school supplies (paper, folders, clipboards, etc.).

After getting the shelf refilled, the room was mostly done. I unpacked the miscellaneous boxes and put everything where it belonged. Then it was finished! ( I do have one box left filled with papers to go through for this years portfolios.)

I am so glad I had this extra time to organize this room. It is so much easier to use now. I know where to find things and my kid’s know where things are supposed to go when they’re done with them.

What have you organized lately?
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15 thoughts on “Homeschool Room Organization

  1. That looks AMAZING – way to go! We just organized our rec room a couple weeks ago, and our daughter’s bedroom today. It’s amazing what a difference it makes, isn’t it? You just feel better with everything at hand – or at least I do!


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