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Journey to a Healthier Me: Progress After Evaluation

After my evaluation  last week, I made some changes.

I have been drinking less coffee and more water.

I have added more exercise. I have been using the Get Running App to do a c25k and am now at week 8, running 28 continuous minutes! I still can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I have never been a runner, but this app has really helped me get going. Besides my c25k training, I’m getting in some natural exercise, and a couple workouts with Jillian.

My food choices have been better and I have watched my portions, but I still need some work in this area.

My weight last week: 159 pounds

My weight this week: 157 pounds

Total weight loss this year: 27 pounds

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5 thoughts on “Journey to a Healthier Me: Progress After Evaluation

  1. I found you from your post at The Sensible Mom and I thought I would come see your blog.
    Great job on being able to run for 28 minutes at time. It is great you have found something to help you get going. That seems to be the biggest battle sometimes. I hope you have a good week and you continue to make good progress.


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