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Welcome Home

Door Knob

Photo by the_girl

I’m home with kids all day, every day. Many times without a car. We are a one car family. The days can get very long and exhausting.

Then I hear it. That magical sound.

I hear the van drive up.

Finally he’s home. I can have a little break. I can keep on with my work or moment of rest, without being interrupted by the kids.

The door opens.

The kids run, “Daddy your home!”

And I let them run and greet their daddy, glad that they are not calling for mom in this moment. Relieved that there is another adult in the house. I keep doing whatever I’m doing. He can come find me when he wants to say hello.

Yet, I know he wants to see me. He chose me 14 years ago. I was the one he wanted to wake up next to. I am the one he wants to see welcoming him at the door.

He is the one I said yes too, but I’ve forgotten. I’ve taken him for granted, this wonderful man who God chose for me.

This marriage is about sacrifice. Sacrificing my selfish desires, to please Him and to please him.

So, I recognize my selfishness and I change.

I stop what I’m doing and rush, to beat the kids to the door.

I meet my groom at the door with a kiss, and the words, “Welcome Home.”

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7 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. My children and I have a race almost every time my husband pulls into the driveway. At one point it got to where my children were trying to physically push me out of the way in order to get the “first hugs”. My husband put a stop to that and said hugs would be given in order, beginning with me.

    While our greeting when he comes home is normal, I have to keep from running out right away. I am also a SAHM and when he gets home I just want to escape for a few minutes.


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