Meet My Daughter, Lydia

Last week I introduced my son, Joel. I thought I would continue to introduce you to the rest of my family and next in line is Lydia.

Lydia is my 8-year-old daughter, our middle child. She will tell you that she is my best birthday present, since she was born on my birthday and it’s true.

Her favorite color is yellow.

She will be my 3rd grader this year. She loves math and any hands on learning activities.

She loves listening to our read alouds and is usually the one saying, “Please read another chapter!”

She is a scrawny little girl but loves to eat. Her favorite thing to eat is strawberries, but she won’t be caught drinking any pop.

Lydia enjoys reading. Her favorite books are The Boxcar Children and the Daisy Meadow Fairies Series. She really enjoys listening to audiobooks and one of her favorites to listen to is Focus on the Family Radio Theatre The Chronicles of Narnia.

Lydia wears her heart on her sleeve. You never have to guess how she’s feeling. She will often cry during sad movies. I just love watching her read a book because you can see what’s going on, just by watching her face.

She is a very active child. Full of energy. She often joins me when I exercise at home. She is often found climbing trees or crossing the monkey bars at the park. We call her our little monkey.

She loves to play outside adventures with her neighborhood friends.

She is full of creativity. Art and writing come easily to her.

She LOVES to cook. Anytime I’m making a meal or baking I hear “Mom, can I help?” Lately she has been making fried eggs for breakfast.

In some ways she is very much like me. She prefers to stay home and would rather be comfortable in her clothes, than fashionable.

She likes to put together Perler Beads, puzzles, and play The Settlers of Catan.

Ever since Lydia was little, she has been a gifted prayer. People have told us, “You guys must really do some great prayers at home”, but it truly isn’t us and it is amazing to hear the Holy Spirit speak through her prayers.

My prayer is that God will continue to use her prayers to speak. That she will grow into a woman who is passionate for God, serving Him with all her heart in whatever she does.

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