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Don’t Give Up on Living Healthier

This week I’m posting my weigh-in a day earlier due to some other blogging obligations for tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago I gained a few pounds back. It was frustrating. I had been working so hard and had come so far. Then I gained. I didn’t feel like I had done anything to warrant that much gain, but it happened anyway.

I saw that old number back on the scale and I felt defeated. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go exercise that morning, but I did. I wanted to beat that number. Yet, while I was out on my run, my words were defeating me.

You failed.

I kept going. It wasn’t easy, knowing I would have to share this failure. I kept going because I didn’t want to let one little failure drag me down. There is always that possibility of things not going according to plan, but I have to be willing to look past that. Look at my goal.

My goal is to live a healthier life forever. I can’t just quit because of a bad number one week. It’s not just about the number, though that is a way I can measure progress. It’s about how I take care of my body, what I put into it and getting the exercise I need each week.

I chose to finish my run that day. Every day I choose. Am I going to give up? or keep reaching for the goal?

Before and After


This week I finally made it back to the weight I was, plus an additional pound lost! I now only have to lose 8.5 more pounds to reach my goal weight! That seems like such a small amount compared to how far I’ve come.

Weight last week: 152.5 pounds

Weight this week: 150.5 pounds

Total weight loss this year: 33.5 pounds

What will your choice be today?

Are you going to give up or continue reaching for your goal?

9 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up on Living Healthier

  1. Yay! Wah-hoo! So very very proud of you!

    It is a choice, isn’t it. A Daily one at that…which can be exhausting in itself. But today, I’m going to chose to show my child what discipline can really do. And tomorrow, I plan on doing the same…


  2. Inspiring is right!!! So great Paula. I had to zoom the picture in to see in detail how AMAzing you look! Wowzers! :):) love your blogging.


  3. Great job, Paula! That’s wonderful to hear! I have to say that I haven’t been exercising much lately, and your post is definitely a reminder that I need to get moving more often.

    I’ve just been busy with work, which means I’m sitting, and I haven’t been moving as much as I’d like to. My schedule is lighter so far this month, though, so I should be able to get on the treadmill some more. 🙂


  4. This is encouraging me this morning. I gained back 5 lbs recently, but I think I know why ;o) I agree with you and aim for a lifetime of healthier living . . . one day at a time. Thanks!


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