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Meet My Daughter, Abigail

My family has a very important role in this Average Housewife’s life, that’s why I think it’s important that you get to know them. You’ve met Joel and Lydia and today you get to meet my daughter, Abigail.

Abigail is our oldest child. She will be turning 10 this Sunday. I will have a child in the double digits…crazy.

She is our trial child. By that I mean we try everything out on her if it works, we try it out with the other two. I am thankful that God has filled her with grace for this.

Abigail is our little fashionista always wanting her outfit to coordinate with her accessories.

She will be our 5th grader this year. She enjoys history the most and I think that has to do with the fact that it involves a lot of reading.

She is our fanatical reader. She reads through books like there is no tomorrow. I have a hard time keeping enough books around that she hasn’t read. She requires at least one library visit per week but would prefer two. Right now she’s reading through the Redwall
series, but has also enjoyed books by Andrew Peterson and Noel Streatfield.

She enjoys singing in the church children’s choir and will be returning to piano lessons this year to further her musical talent.

She loves to organize. I will often ask her to organize a cupboard for me because I know she enjoys it and is gifted in that way. She loves to keep a her schedule in her homemaking journal and check off her lists.

Abigail LOVES animals, much to her chagrin, we have no pets. She is especially sad that her dad hates cats and is allergic to them.

She likes to be out of the house and be around people . She is our social butterfly.

She enjoys playing games especially Monopoly and Ticket To Ride. She also likes putting together Perler Beads and puzzles, while listening to Adventures in Odyssey.

She likes helping in the kitchen, making cookies

and putting together a lunch by herself.

Abigail loves to serve, and my prayer for her is that she serves God in all she does, pleasing Him before anyone else.

Happy Birthday, Abigail! I love you!

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