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Healthy Living Journal No. 2

My exercise routine…
I took a couple long walks, ran, and swam.

Something healthy I ate this week…
Healthy wasn’t my forte this week. I guess my chicken taco was pretty healthy with lettuce, peppers, and Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is an amazing substitute for sour cream.

Something I wish I wouldn’t have eaten…

We celebrated Jonathan’s birthday this week and had our traditional birthday donuts. The donut holes were just too good.

My water intake…
My goal last week was to drink 75 oz. of water at least four days. I totally failed. I drank 72 oz. one day and averaged about 50 oz. On the other days.

How I felt…
This week was another stressful one. Jonathan has been working some extra hours, which makes my day a little longer. I tend to eat more when I’m stressed but I often was unable to find snacks. That’s a good thing.

One goal for next week…
Buy salad fixins’ so I can eat more salad.

How did you do this week?

Weight last week: 152.5 pounds
Weight this week: 153 pounds
Total weight loss this year: 31 pounds

5 thoughts on “Healthy Living Journal No. 2

  1. I can’t get into our house and start a healthier routine. Love seeing your progress and how ‘real’ of a challenge it is! A decision is made a few times a day to stay healthy and keep the self control. Love you!!


    1. I understand how it could be a challenge living under someone else’s roof. I’m excited for you! I imagine you will feel much more free in your own home! I don’t think I realized that it would be a challenge at this point. I thought once I made it past the first few months it would be easier, but it really is harder on some days. I appreciate your encouragement!


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