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Productive Morning of an Average Housewife

I went for a run.

Read my Bible.

Showered, ate breakfast, and made coffee.

Put dinner in the slow cooker.

Started a load of laundry.

Now, I’m cleaning my desk,

so I can plan homeschool the rest of the day.

Right when I was finishing up this post, my mouse stopped working, and I had to restart my computer. That wasn’t so productive…

How’s you’re morning going?

One thought on “Productive Morning of an Average Housewife

  1. My morning actually started out really well. I was able to get enough sleep last night, which was nice. 🙂 The previous night I ended up going to bed around 4am, because the baby is sick.

    Anyway, now I’m feeling a bit frustrated because I’ve been trying to get some work done amidst caring for my two littlest ones. Time to get off the computer.

    I hope you have a great day, Paula!


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