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Healthy Living Journal No. 3

My exercise routine…
I did one bike ride, a lot of walking, played tag at the park, and did a couple of my C25k runs. I am loving the cooler weather!

Something I wish I wouldn’t have eaten…
We  went to Wisconsin this weekend, you know the land of the cheeseheads. We bought fresh cheese curds, and then on our way home we bought fresh fried cheese curds. (The best you can get!)(I really need to stop taking pictures of unhealthy food.)

Something healthy I ate this week…
After the overload on dairy products on our trip to Wisconsin, we came home and ate a salad. It totally hit the spot. Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sunflower seeds, and a little lite ranch dressing.

One thing I’m proud of…
I have lost over 18 inches.  It’s probably more like over 20, but I’ve only been measuring my right arm and leg, but I assume I’ve lost some on my left too, because it doesn’t look unevenly chunky.

My water intake…
I didn’t really keep track of my water this week. I know I had some everyday, but I probably did not have enough.

How I felt…
My allergies have been terrible this past week, which affects everything, but I think they are going away now.

My favorite thing this week…

Playing tag at the park with the kids has been my favorite thing this week and this summer. I used to just sit at the park and read, I would get tired too easily, running and climbing. Now I have enough energy and endurance that playing tag with them at the park is enjoyable. I love that.

Weight this week: 153 pounds
Weight this week: 152 pounds
Total weight loss this year: 32 pounds


How did you do this week?


One thought on “Healthy Living Journal No. 3

  1. I enjoy reading your journal updates, Paula. 🙂 It is hard to eat healthy when you are away from home, but great job keeping your weight in check. I think I’ve lost a pound since my last blog update, but I haven’t posted on it yet.

    We went to the zoo today as a family, which was very nice. The weather was just about perfect! I’m glad we were all able to get out of the house together and walk and enjoy the beautiful day.


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