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Our Vows Lived Out 14 Years

Vows. Promises to each other on our wedding day.

I said these promises to you on August 28, 1998, and I meant them.

Yet, years later, I realize I had no comprehension of what they would really mean.

I knew I wanted to be with you forever.

There was no way I could know the real meaning of these vows, until we lived them, letting God carry us through it all.

So, today, I take these vows again, having more understanding.

I, Paula, take you Jonathan,

to be my husband,

My best friend, my lover, my confidant, my support, my sidekick, the one whom my soul loves.

Head over me, as Christ is head of the church.

Taking you as my husband, makes me your wife. I will submit to you as unto the Lord and respect you. Knowing that we are unable to do this on our own, and will only succeed with God’s help.

to have

You are mine. I am yours. We belong to each other.

and to hold from this day forward,

Yep, you know what that means…

for better

When we only see love in one another. When we are serving God first and then one another. Those days we assume the best of each other. When I recognize all your good traits.

or for worse,

The reality that we’re sinners.

When we think the worst of one another. When we hurt each other with jealousy, anger, hate, lust, pride, misunderstanding, shutting each other out, control issues, impatience, irritability…

for richer,

When you have a job that pays well. The bills are paid on time. We buy and do extravagant things. We have extra to give.

When we are spiritually rich, forsaking our desires and putting God first, serving each other out of the love that He gives.

for poorer,

When we quit our jobs. When you’re laid off. When we don’t make enough to make ends meet. When somebody else is buying our groceries. When our debt seems to overcome us.

When we are spiritually poor, not trusting God, and failing to see Who holds our future.

in sickness

The many months of vomiting and nausea with each pregnancy. The growth in your throat.

and in health,

The days are many that we have been in good health. What a blessing that we often take for granted.

to love and to cherish;

Love. A simple word with much meaning behind it. See I Corinthians 13.

It is an act, not something we fall in and out of. Something we choose to do each moment and day we are together.

It is not something that comes easily at all times, but outpours from our God when we lack it.

from this day forward until death do us part.

I’m looking forward to the days that follow this one. Spending them all with you until God calls us home.

Now I look at these promises, what they have meant these 14 years, and look forward to what the next 14 years will add to their meaning. Truthfully a little anxious, but knowing He will carry us through whatever comes.

Happy Anniversary!



Your Average Housewife


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7 thoughts on “Our Vows Lived Out 14 Years

  1. Wow – what a beautiful tribute, not just to YOUR marriage, which I pray is blessed beyond measure with increase and joy this year, but to marriage in general. My husband and I are also “lifers” – we knew going in that no matter what came, we would be what we call “the us” – the team – no matter how hard.

    We’ve had some crazy hard in the past 8 years, and like you, I fully agree: I mean those words now more than ever!!

    Many blessings on your anniversary!


  2. Thanks honey!

    You are a blessing to me beyond your understanding. You cheer with me when I cheer, you weep with me when I weep. You are an amazing friend and an above average housewife in my book. YOu are the standard all others are held to.

    I love you too.

    Happy Anniversary,



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