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Average Housewife Dilemma: White Laundry Turned Pink

This week I have been training my daughter in the laundry room. She already folded and put away laundry, but I wanted her to learn the whole process.

  1. Sort the clothes
  2. Put a load in the washer.
  3. Add correct mount of soap.
  4. Make sure all the knobs are at the right setting and start washer.
  5. Transfer Clothes to dryer.
  6. Clean lint trap.
  7. Turn the knob to the right setting and start dryer.
  8. When clothes are done, fold and put them away.

I have been having her do the whole process each day this week, so she really learns it.

Then I messed up.

I didn’t assist in the way I should have, and the newly made red tie-dyed shirts got washed with the light and white clothes.

It was totally my fault. She was doing laundry the way I had taught her, but I should have been there to show her the exceptions to the rule.

So, now we have some lightly tinged pink socks and t-shirts.

They have already been through the dryer.

I would like to ask you laundry experts, how do I get the pink off of my white laundry?


8 thoughts on “Average Housewife Dilemma: White Laundry Turned Pink

  1. You’ll find that it comes out easier than you’d expect. Use some bleach or non-chlorine bleach if they aren’t bleach safe. Or even just your regular stain remover. It may take more than one washing, but I’ll always been able to salvage those types of ‘stains’ before.


  2. Whoops! Sorry I’m not much help in the laundry department. I rarely do laundry (but I can – lol! – just not an expert in stain removal). My husband does almost all of the laundry and our two older kids fold it, but I do help put it away.

    That’s fantastic that you are teaching your daughter how to do laundry. 🙂


  3. This happened when my son did laundry and one of my favorite white shirts became pink tinged. Since it was a favorite, I wore it anyway around the house and after a number of washings (I’m going to guess ten) I noticed it was not pink anymore. Just thought I’d mention that!


  4. Hi!

    It’s the first time I read your blog.
    I love reading blogs about homemaking and biblical womanhood.
    I came here through a link by The Humble Homemaker.
    For the pink staisn you can try baking soda and vinegar, or baking soda and hot water.
    I have done this for some kinds of stains, and depending on the fabric it works.

    God bless you!

    from São Paulo, Brazil


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