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There’s No Going Back

I cleaned out my closet this weekend. I have been taking out big items here and there, but this weekend I took them all out. All the XL is out!

I also went through the pile in the corner, where I have been placing all the too big clothes. I have bagged all the clothes into two garbage bags, but I’m not going to throw them out.

I was hoping maybe I could make some money off of them, by bringing them to a consignment shop. Then I looked at the options. There are very few adult clothing consignment shops that I could find. One had bad reviews, another wanted smaller size clothing, and another wanted designer clothes, which I don’t really have.

I decided I would just bring them to the thrift store along with the miscellaneous stuff that has been sitting out in my garage for 3 months.

Then I saw it all piled together and I knew I had to have a garage sale. I might as well try and make a little money if I can right? I’ve got to pay for the new smaller clothes somehow.

Weight last week: 153.5 pounds

Weight this week: 152 pounds

Total weight loss this year: 32 pounds

Do you have any fat clothes hanging around that you need to get rid of?

6 thoughts on “There’s No Going Back

  1. I’ve cleaned at least two garbage bags of clothes out of my closet this year so far. Clothes I just don’t wear that often. The extras in my closet or clothes I love that I’m determined to fit into again.


  2. Hi Paula! I hope your garage sale goes well. 🙂

    My larger clothes that no longer fit….I’ve donated some, but most of them have become rags because they weren’t in the best shape to sell or giveaway. Some had holes, stains, etc… I haven’t bought clothes for myself in a long time, and I didn’t want to until I could go down in size first.

    BUT I had to buy clothes to look presentable at my upcoming blog conferences. I went shopping today and bought 3 pairs or pants/capris in size 14, and I got one shirt. I went to Kohl’s and Target, and it was actually a very nice experience. 🙂 I’m glad to be fitting into a smaller size.


  3. Such a great feeling!! I love getting rid of my bigger clothes because I know for sure this time I am never going back to nearly 200 pounds! Freedom from the bondage of weight.


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