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Above Average Links

I used to share my favorite links on my old blog and I thought I’d try it again here. I’ll be posting links on Saturday, from other sites that I read during the week.

I hope you enjoy these links as much as I did!

Parking Lot Parenting Tips: Bright Shiny Things– Every mom gets these unsolicited parenting tips. My friend, Jenny, shares one crazy tip she got this week while out on a shopping trip. This one got me literally laughing out loud.

Granola Bars: The Pioneer Woman– I love the Pioneer Woman. She has great pictures, she has that southern friendliness about her, and she makes mistakes- an average housewife. This looks like the granola bar I pay for at the store, so I think my kids would like it.

Constructing A Marriage: Narrow Paths to Higher Places– I cannot get enough of Alia’s writing. God has truly gifted her. In this post she shares how marriage can work despite different personalities, hobbies, and interests.

How to Homeschool Tips : Daze of Adventure– I LOVE Jen’s tips on for those considering homeschooling. A must read if you’re thinking about it, just starting out, or need a refreshing post as a homeschooler.

Have a great weekend!

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