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My family started attending some BSF classes this fall. We are studying the book of Genesis. We are only a couple of chapters in and I’m already learning and growing from it.

One of the things that has really stood out to me is how God brings order to chaos. He took the earth that was without form and void and gave it form and order. He placed it in the perfect place. He even created in an orderly way, nothing was out of place. He created it all in 6 days. He didn’t do it all at once.

By the end of this past summer, getting ready to start a new school year, I was a mess. My house was a mess. I wasn’t quite ready for school to start, so I decided to set down some of my blogging responsibilities and busyness. It was nice having a little more freedom from those tasks, but I still felt quite overwhelmed. My life felt very chaotic, running from one spinning plate to the next, hoping they wouldn’t fall and crash.

I knew that this isn’t what God wants for my life. He is a God of order and a God of peace. (I do realize that there is chaos that comes into life, but I have recognized that this chaos I have is self-made.)

So, I have been looking at my life, evaluating what’s important, what’s worthy of this small time that God has given to me on earth.

I know what’s important. God and my family come first. I know I am called to care for my family and home. Lately, my family and home have been at the same level as the extras.

To bring more order to my home and family, where I am called first to be, I am setting aside some extras. One being this blog.

I love this blog. I have enjoyed sharing my heart, being challenged, and making new friends through it. I believe God has done good things through it, but now it’s time to set it aside and be intentional with what’s important.

I don’t think I’m done blogging, but only God knows.

Thank you all for reading and sharing this space with me. I pray that you will seek and find God’s order and peace in your life, that He may be glorified through you.

-Average Housewife


3 thoughts on “Order

  1. Praise God for showing you this, Paula. I admire you so much for setting aside your blog to focus on your family. For me, my blog is a vital part of how we earn a living, but had it not been…I probably would set it aside, too.

    I don’t know. I’ve wondered how many women and moms are blogging for money that don’t really *have to* and instead end up wasting many hours online instead of doing what God has called us to do. I admit that I have been this woman in the past…but now, my blog is more than a hobby, and I can’t set it aside.

    I’m babbling now…but, anyway, all the best to you friend! I will miss your posts.


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