What’cha Readin’?

Now that I have a little more “free” time, I have been doing more reading.

I really enjoy reading. I enjoy learning new information in non-fiction books that I can apply to my life. I also enjoy getting lost in a great fiction story, sometimes to escape life.

I am rarely reading just one book. I usually have a non-fiction, fiction, and a read aloud going for school. If none of those books happen to be digital I usually have something on my Kindle app too. You never know when you’re going to have a few moments to read, so it’s always nice to have a book of some sort handy.

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

I subscribe to Real Simple magazine. I enjoy flipping through magazines and every once in a while I’ll find a good article to read through. Mostly it’s just visuals to me though.

I am not an unschooler, but I knew this book would help me be okay with being a little more relaxed. If I don’t have a plan every school day, my kids will survive and it’s okay if we learn from doing projects, rather than workbooks. I honestly skimmed most of this book because I knew what I wanted out of it.

I’m at the stage of parenting a tween and I need all the help I can get. I’m only a few chapters in but I can already tell this book will definitely help me be a better mom to my girls.

This e-book has been very good. I can definitely relate to the weary mom and am glad to see God’s Word prevalent, in this book of hope. It’s one of those books where I can read a chapter, leave it for a few days and read another. It will likely be a book that I read more than once.

Who can refuse a classic? I figured it was about time I picked this one up and read through all 5,000 pages of it. Okay, it’s not that long, but honestly, I’m on chapter thirteen and having a hard time keeping interested. Is there hope?

I’m reading this to the kids for our history. It has been very interesting, even the kids like it. It is basically a biography of Queen Victoria’s life, starting when she was a baby. It’s free on Kindle, if you want to check it out.

Who doesn’t love Ramona? We have always enjoyed the Ramona books, so this is what were reading aloud for fun.

Now, don’t think I’m amazing reader woman. I’m still the Average Housewife and have been reading a couple of these books for over a month now. Getting to read for 15 minutes a day and finishing a book a couple months later is still worth it. I still remember when I had three little ones and the only thing I was reading was how to mix the baby cereal and THE GOING TO BED BOOK for the umpteenth time. The seasons change.

What have you been reading lately? I’d love some good book recommendations! If you’re in the season in life, where the only thing you have time to read is how to mix the baby cereal, I want to hear that too.

Happy Reading!

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5 thoughts on “What’cha Readin’?

  1. I LOVE to read – while it has ebbed and flowed through parenthood, Steve is wonderful about letting me escape to the tub if need me from about 7-9pm while he does bed time! Right now I am REALLY into mystery/spy/political/law enforcement/special ops thrillers type of books. I have several authors I have liked in this genre, both Christian and not. I don’t like too gory or full of foul language. Sometimes I throw in some lighter fiction – fluffy Christian fiction, humorous, etc. A lot of what I have read over the last 2 years are books on my Nook I got for free – I have discovered some great authors/series that way!

    I am reading Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay and sally Clarkson – love this book and peruse it frequently! I am also reading Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus edited by Nancy Guthrie – 22 readings on Experiencing the Peace and Promise of Christmas (she has an Easter one as well – I try to read them both each year around the seasons).


    1. Free books are great. I’m always a little wary of starting one I haven’t heard of because I know there are so many good books out there. I don’t want to waste my time on what may be a book I really don’t like. Yet, that is how all new authors start, good and bad.

      I have the Clarkson’s book sitting on my bedside table. Have you read all the way through it? or do you use it more for reference?
      Guthrie’s books sound good. Thanks for the recommendations, Sara.


  2. John read Les Miserables several years ago and he said that there were really long sections that didn’t really have to do with the story and were more like political rants. Maybe find an abridged version that cuts all that stuff out?

    I’m still in the 3 little kid stage and so all I read is Facebook – and friends’ blogs…


  3. I love getting book recommendations too! I’m always reading a stack of books at the same time—piled up on my nightstand—along with my Kindle, and well that’s another story . . . I’m reading “Dreamlander” (new fantasy fiction which I seldom read) written by a homeschooling author K. M. Weiland ’cause I love her blog and want to learn from her. Also “Everything” by Mary DeMuth (I won a copy recently) and “More Anti-Inflammation Diet Tips and Recipes” by Jessica K. Black. And I’m finishing Shelley’s “Frankenstein” since my son had the part of the monster in a theater production and I wanted to read it. BTW, last year my teenage son and I embarked on reading Les Miserables together. We didn’t last ;( but gave it a good shot. I agree that an abridged version might be better, but at the time I specifically wanted a classic unabridged. Happy reading!


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