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Hello Mornings


Do you ever wish you had a few minutes to yourself to wake up, before the kids came jumping into your bed each morning? I always do. I am not a “morning person”. I love my sleep and I really dislike being awoken, even if it is by my angelic children. But I am starting to learn that getting up before them has it’s benefits. Something that has really encouraged me to change my ways is Hello Mornings.

What is Hello Mornings?

Hello Mornings is an accountability and encouragement group for women. You can sign up to join a group and meet on Facebook or Twitter each morning for your check in. The three main focuses of Hello Mornings are #helloBible, #helloexercise, and #helloplanning. Start off your morning right, by waking before the rest of the family having your quiet time with God, get your body moving, your endorphins going, and plan out your day. Now doing all these things will not guarantee you a great day, but just imagine if you would have done those things this morning? Wouldn’t one of those just blessed the rest of your day? Of course one of the hardest things for me is waking up early, but I love Katie’s suggestion to set an alarm for bedtime.

Why might you want to join?

  1. Starting good habits– All the focuses of Hello Mornings will benefit you, even waking up early.
  2. Accountability– We all need some help along the way, someone to encourage or relate with us. You’ll have more than a few ladies encouraging and understanding you, when that one morning you just couldn’t get up or praying for the struggles you may be facing. You will most likely make some friends too!
  3. Growing closer to God– Getting up early is a sacrifice, and who better to sacrifice that time for than our Creator! We all need growth in our relationship with God and what better time to have it then at the very start of a new day.
  4. Exercise– I’m pretty sure we all could use some extra movement in our day. There is even a #helloexercise facebook page if you need some extra encouragement in this area (I’ll be there!).
  5. Planning your day– Have you ever gotten that phone call from someone wondering if you forgot about your appointment? or your husband walks in the door at 5 and you think, “I guess I better figure out what’s for dinner”?  Take 10-15 minutes in the morning to get these little plans figured out to make your day go a whole lot smoother.

Sounds great, right? So come join me and register for Hello Mornings!

Registration is open January 16-23rd. Sign up soon because the groups fill fast!


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