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Dayspring, You Made a Mistake

You may remember my post from last year about attending the (in) real life conference. If you missed it you can see it today being featured at (in)courage: Getting Out of my Box

They have just opened up registration for this years (in)RL conference, which is in April. This conference was a blessing to me and I know it was to many other women. I (in)courage you to check it out and meet some great women in your real life community!


The Mistake

Now for the story behind the mistake.

If you read the post above (which if you haven’t go read it now) you’ll have already seen the beautiful coffee cup I received as a prize from the conference.

The moment I saw this coffee cup, I loved it.

coffee cup

I loved the colors, the fancy handle, and the very feminine design of it.

Plus there’s a heart deep down inside of it.

heart cup

Then I read what it said “She didn’t have to be perfect because she was perfectly loved I John 4:8″. Yes! Another reminder of God’s grace! I needed that reminder. I don’t have to pretend to be the good girl, because I’m not. God knows I’m not. I might as well let the rest of the world know too. They might hate me for it, but I am perfectly loved by the King, my Creator.

It was my new favorite coffee cup. Using it was like when I put makeup on, it just made me feel a little prettier.

It was a perfect cup.

Then something happened. I don’t  know who, where, or why, but all of a sudden my beautiful, favorite coffee cup had a chip in it.


I don’t like chipped dishes. I usually throw any plates that get chipped right away. They don’t look nice and the chipped part doesn’t feel nice.

But this cup was different. This was my favorite cup, that I drink my favorite drink in. And it has these loving words from my God on it.

Then I realized, this chip was not a flaw that I wanted to throw away. This chip resembles me and the verse on this cup. It’s no longer a perfect cup, it’s flawed, just like I’m flawed.

So, Dayspring, if you’re listening, I found a mistake in your cup design. I think it should have come with a chip in it- because now it’s not perfect, but it’s perfectly loved.

6 thoughts on “Dayspring, You Made a Mistake

  1. Ohhh love this!! We all have our “chips” some bigger than others, some more than others…but what a picture of GRACE!! Thanking HIM today for loving me!


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