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Husbands Take Note

This morning we were reading the book, Emily, about Emily Dickinson for literature. I decided to dust off one of our poetry books, that my grandmother gave me years ago, and search for some poems by Emily Dickinson.

As I finished reading the few poems that were listed, I continued browsing and came across this bit of wisdom. It went so well with a picture I had posted earlier this week, I had to share it.


It comes from the poem “Washing the Dishes” by Christopher Morley.

The man who never in his life

Has washed the dishes with his wife

Or polished up the silver plate

He still is largely celibate.

So, if any husbands read this, do with it what you like. Know this: you’re wife will be ever thankful and have less to worry about, if you give her a hand with dishes or laundry once in a while.

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