Hello Mornings Summer Challenge

Today sign-ups start for the Hello Mornings 2013 Summer Challenge! This will be my third time through the challenge, but this time I will be an Accountability Captain.

If you’re not sure what Hello Mornings is just check it out here. You can also see my previous post where I share some reasons why to sign up for Hello Mornings. The basic idea is starting out your mornings right with God, Plan, Move.

  • God: Start your morning out right with the one who gave it to you.
  • Plan: Look at the day ahead of you to prepare yourself for what’s coming up.
  • Move: Take care of the body God gave you by getting a little exercise.

Now three things don’t seem like much, or do they? Make sure you start small. You might just start with working on some God time, then gradually add on the other two. There will be a free Bible study offered for those who sign up called Meet Jesus. Does the word exercise (especially in the morning) scare you? You don’t have to do a whole workout. Maybe you’ll do your big workout later in the day and just do a couple squats, while waiting for your coffee. The challenge lasts for 13 weeks so you’ll have time to work on any weaknesses you have.

The great thing is you’ll be doing this with a group of ladies to encourage you and all with the help of our great God.

If you want to sign up, I’ll be leading a Facebook Group and I’d love to have you! There are also Twitter groups available if that’s more your speed.

Registration is open April 26th – May 3rd and the challenge will go from May 6th through August 2nd.

Let me know if you have any questions about Hello Mornings.

Update: My group is now full, but there are plenty of other great ladies hosting groups. Come join a great community!

4 thoughts on “Hello Mornings Summer Challenge

  1. I am leaning towards signing up. I tried it once before and was part of a Twitter group but didn’t stick with it.

    I think now is my time though to start my mornings with God again.


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