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#15×15 Weekly Check-In: How to Make Goals Well

If you missed it last week, I’m starting a new challenge for myself and your welcome to join me and others in Losing 15 by the 15th.

We’re one week in and here’s how I did on my monthly goals.

  • Drinking 72 oz. of water a day. 5 days of meeting this goal which is a big step forward.
  • Exercising 5 days. 4 days of an actual workout 1 day of mopping floors. Does that count?
  • Eating good portions. I would say I did good on this about 70% of the time, but this is where I really need more discipline.

This week I lost: 1 lb. Only 14 more to go!

I have about 10 gals who want to join me in making goals this summer. So, I thought I would share some tips I’ve learned in making goals well and sticking to them.

7 Ways to Make Goals Well

  1. Have a big goal. Look at your life, what do you want or need to change? Dream a little, if need be, but be realistic.
  2. Make small goals to achieve the big one. You usually can’t just change something overnight otherwise it’s not big goal. Think of little steps you can take, ways you can change what you’re doing to achieve your big goal.
  3. Make specific goals. Your small goals need to be specific. Don’t just say Im going to drink more water, say an exact amount you want to work towards. This will keep you from getting too lazy or apathetic.
  4. Don’t overdo it with goals.  Again, this isn’t going to happen overnight. If you try to do to much at once you are just going to overwhelm yourself and most likely fail. If you want to keep moving forward take little steps and add on as you go.
  5. Have accountability. I have had lots of benefit from accountability. It has helped me lose weight in the past, get in a pattern of quiet time, and exercise in the morning. I know people are watching and they ask how I’m doing. Make sure you tell someone your goals.
  6. Set a date. You can work toward a goal until your dying day. Set a date and stick to it. Have an end point so you can assess yourself and push yourself a little.
  7. Pray about it. God will help you. He can help you see what goals you need to set. He can help you attain those goals, especially at those really hard points. He is the one that will be there through it all. Rely on Him!

How are you doing at living healthier?
If you need some accountability feel free to check-in in the comments, daily on Facebook, or by using the #15×15 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

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