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Stitch Fix

I HATE shopping. Yes, hate. It just totally overwhelms me: all the clothes, prices, sizes that fit differently, and all the people. Did I mention I’m an introvert? That means at a mall my battery drains fast.

I was so excited when I heard about Stitch Fix.

What is Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix provides a stylist to do the shopping of clothes and the latest styles for you. They shop for it, send the selections to your home. You try it on, keep what you like, and send back what you don’t like.

How it Works

  • First you fill out your profile. This is not just telling them your measurements. You get to tell them what your style is, your occupation, what you prefer to wear, and where you wear these things. You give your opinion of what you think of certain sample outfits, what you might want to flaunt, or not. You even get to say if you would like all shirts or no dresses. You can somewhat pick a price point.
  • You need to put down $20 toward the fix. This will go toward any purchase you make. If you for some reason decide you don’t like anything, the $20 is non-refundable.
  • They send you your items.
  • You try them on and keep what you like and send back what you don’t want within 3 business days.

I had heard some of the price points and knew that what they send would probably be out of my price range. We are trying to pay down debt and I knew I couldn’t risk even losing $20. I am usually a Target clearance or Savers shopper. So, I didn’t try it right away.

I shared this great new shopping experience with my friends on Twitter and Facebook. Then a week later, to my surprise, I got an email saying that I had a referral credit! Woop woop! I decided that would make at least one thing in my price range and decided to go for it.

I went back on their site making sure everything was correct and hit submit. Then I just had to wait.


Then it came!  I opened it up to find the items nicely wrapped in tissue paper with the Stitch Fix sticker to seal it.

There were five items: three shirts, a cardigan, and pair of earrings.

I tried them on right away.


I tried all the shirts first, and honestly I liked them all and if someone were to give them to me I sure would wear them, but I had to limit myself to one thing.


They all fit nice, and felt nice-which is very important to me, so it really was a hard decision. I tried the earrings on and they were the one thing I didn’t really care for- I’m not much of a jewelry person anyway.


I decided to keep one shirt, the Downeast Stevie Contoured Top. This one was one was similar to shirts I have had before and since I am mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl it just made sense.


I really wanted to keep this black one but it just was a little to low in front and higher priced. I would need to get something to wear under it and I wasn’t willing to spend that much.



I ended up only spending $10 which was a great deal since everything they sent was high quality.

The items I didn’t want I just put in the return bag and dropped it off at the post office, within the 3 days.

What I liked

I loved not shopping. This basically makes it worth it for me. I don’t have to drive anywhere. No crowd surfing or looking through endless racks of clothes.

Being able to try it on at home. I could see what I had that I could wear with it in the comfort of my own home, with mirrors I could trust. No dragging the kids along to 50 different stores, losing them in clothes racks…

Having a couple days to decide. You have 3 business days to send the items back. I’m an internal processor and taking that extra time to decide was so nice!

Quality. All the items sent seemed that they were well made. Better than what I would find at where I normally shop.

It was so easy. They provide everything you need. Great instructions on how the process works and everything was easily returnable.

Great picks. Almost all the things they sent were something I really thought about keeping. I was glad that I had good choices. I know that probably doesn’t happen all the time, but I know the more information you give the better help they can give you.


Style helps for the fashion challenged. I am not good at putting outfits together, so these pretty cards were so helpful to me to see what the certain items would look good with.

You can get a discount. If you happen to love everything they send, you can get 25% off! I definitely pondered keeping it all for that deal. You can also get referral credit if anyone uses your link to sign up and shop.

What I didn’t like

Price. Everything cost more than I would usually spend, but honestly they weren’t that bad for the great service you get and quality of the product (and did I mention you don’t have to do the shopping!!!)

Possibility of losing $20. I didn’t like the risk of losing money in the case of me not liking anything. That is why I waited until I got a referral bonus. I was blessed that I had so many good options to choose from.

If you think it would be worth risking $20, try Stitch Fix and tell your friends. You might just get a referral bonus!

I just got my second referral bonus. Time to let someone go shopping for me again!

Disclaimer: All links in this post will link to my stitch-fix referral page and give me a referral bonus if you order.


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