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#15×15 Weekly Check-in: Eating Well While Away From Home?

Last week my family had a family reunion in Kansas. We drove 9 hours to get there. Before I left I had thought about how this would affect my goals and really wanted to try keeping them away from home. There are many difficulties in being away from home and trying to lose weight.

One of the problems is not having a normal schedule. There are often busier days, late nights, and not really knowing where you will be for your next meal or where you will get exercise.

Being away from home also usually means not eating your normal food. You are either eating out or eating what someone else decides to serve you. Luckily there are healthier options when eating out these days and a lot of people are eating healthier too.


I started out pretty well on the first day of travel. We stopped at one of our favorites, Chick-fil-A. I decided to get one of their salads and I was so glad I did. It was delicious! I even had it again later in the week. I had a couple more salads throughout the week. I must admit, I really struggled with eating bigger portions with the family and trying all the yummy desserts. It’s hard to pass up lasagna, Jello Cake and Aunt Teresa’s famous ice cream dessert.

I look forward to taking better control as I’m back home this week.

#15×15 Monthly Goals

Eating smaller portions: I’d say I did this about 40% of the time. I really wish I would have made better decisions, but there’s always next week!

Drinking 72 oz water: I did this about 5 out of 7 days. The heat made this easier to accomplish, yet I still didn’t get 100%.

Exercising 5 days a week: I did 2 days of my C25K running, some swimming, and walking at the zoo. The hundred degree weather deterred any extra exercise. I hope to get back to doing another Jillian workout next week.

Weight lost: I gained 2 lbs. this week. This will be a good challenge for me as I get going again this week at home. I’m going to have to work extra hard being  behind where I started.

How are you doing on your weight loss goals? What can you improve on this week?

#15×15 is a challenge to myself to get healthier, and lose 15 lbs. by September 15. If you want to join in with your own goals, I’d love to have you! Feel free to check in weekly in the comments, daily on Facebook, or with #15×15 on Twitter and Instagram.


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