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#15×15 Check-in: Holiday (or Vacation) Eating

The holidays are great. We get together with friends and family. We catch up on life, play games, and eat. Eating is great. Food often brings us together, but in America we often overdo it.


How to Avoid Overeating on the Holiday

  • Remember your goals. Write them down or tell some one. It’s important to always keep them in mind because they will keep you in line.
  • Bring your own healthy options. You never know what food might be served while your out, so be sure and bring a healthy side to share. Then you’ll be sure to have something worth munching on.
  • Stick to the healthy food. There are bound to be too many options, so find what you think will do you good. Make sure it is something you won’t regret eating tomorrow.
  • Count your calories. Counting your calories will keep your diet in check as you decide what dishes are worth it.
  • Drink water. Keeping your water bottle handy will keep you hydrated and make you feel a little more full. It will also keep your hands busy, rather than grabbing another handful of potato chips.
  • Keep active. Okay, this really doesn’t have to do with food, but it’s worth mentioning. When you have a holiday you usually are more apt to sleep in or be a little lazier. Don’t do it! Take this free time to get ahead and get some exercise in!

My Monthly #15×15 Goals

Drinking 72 oz. water per day: I really didn’t keep track well this week, but I think I got 4 days of this. I plan on keeping track of this on my Spark People app this week.

5 days of exercise: I did two days of C25K, two days of Jillian, and 1 day of strawberry picking, which I’m totally counting as a workout.

Eating good portion sizes: I really struggled with this the previous week and knew I had some catching up to do. I loaded my kitchen with fruits and vegetables and was able to keep myself away from the other junk in the house, for the most part.

Total weight lost this week: 3 pounds! (This only actually counts as a total of 2 pounds lost for my goal because of my gain last week.)
I am thrilled with this I worked out harder and worked at eating better and it showed. Now to keep it up another week!

What benefits did you see from the good choices you made this week?

This post is part of my #15×15 challenge. Feel free to join up with your own healthy living goals. If you need some accountability feel free to check-in in the comments, daily on Facebook, or by using the #15×15 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

2 thoughts on “#15×15 Check-in: Holiday (or Vacation) Eating

  1. That is great Paula! I did mediocre at my eating. I have to get more healthy food at home! I do well when I have it on hand, but when good food isn’t there then I make poor choices. I’m stopping on the way home today. 🙂 I’ve gotten several good walks in and also done well on drinking lots of water.


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