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#15×15 Weekly Check-in: I Find a Little Help From My Friends

Even though I am an introvert, I can see the benefit of having others around. It’s especially important when you’re working toward something. The benefits I’ve seen are:

  • someone working alongside you, feeling your pain.
  • someone to call you out when you’re not doing the work.
  • someone to share victories with and encourage you.
  • someone to challenge you when you feel like you’re work isn’t paying off.
  • someone for you to challenge or maybe even compete with.

That being said, I really appreciate each one of you checking in. I love seeing your successes, struggles, and encouragement. I love doing this challenge with you!

My Monthly Weight Loss Goals

72 oz water a day: I’ve been really good at tracking this week, but not so good at getting enough. I’ve only managed to hit my goal twice this week, though I’ve had 56-64 oz on the other days.

Exercise 5 days a week: I got this goal completed this week with 2 days of Jillian and 3 days of my C25K. I had been putting off my 20 minute run for at least a week and finally finished it this week and it felt great!


Eating good size portions: I did good on this every day but Friday. I think I let some stresses decide my eating and it was not good. I picked back up the next day with some better habits.

Total weight lost this week:  2 pounds. This puts me at 4 pounds toward my 15 pound total. I have 11 more pounds to lose in 8 weeks, which is daunting but totally doable.

How did you do this week?

This post is part of my #15×15 challenge. Feel free to join up with your own healthy living goals. If you need some accountability feel free to check-in in the comments, daily on Facebook, or by using the #15×15 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

One thought on “#15×15 Weekly Check-in: I Find a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Way to stick with it through the ups and downs! Way to push yourself! And good job identifying your areas of weakness and attacking those! Keep it up Mama!


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