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#15×15 Check-in: Motivation

This week was hard again. I just feel like I’m losing motivation. I’m tired of doing the hard work. I’m tired of it taking so long. I just want to be at my goal already! I did eat a few cookies this week, and despite the exercise I got in and eating pretty healthy, I was sure I had gained this week.

To start off on the right foot this coming week, I’m going to look at what motivates me to keep moving forward.

What motivates me

  • Praying. This reminds me that I’m not strong enough to do it, I was meant to go to God for help. He will supply.
  • Remembering where I started from. I was 184 lbs, XL was getting tight, and I was gluttonous.
  • Seeing before and after pictures. This shows me what my hard work does or what being lazy does.
  • Looking at my Healthy Pinterest BoardPinterest can be a scary place for someone who’s trying to lose weight, all those beautiful desserts. It can be equally as good for more healthy motivation. You just need to follow the right boards and remember to look back at your healthy pins once in a while.
  • Following Healthy People on Social Media. We’re all taking in what we read on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Why not add in someone who has similar goals as you, living a healthier life. One of my favorites is Peak313 Fitness.
  • My Sweet HusbandHe has seen my good and bad days and loves me on all of them. He is a great encourager and sees the little changes that I don’t notice.

My #15×15 Goals

Drinking 80 oz. water: I only accomplished this one day:( Planning on beating that next week.

Exercise 5 days and 2 hours of walking: This week I finished three 25 min runs, one workout with Jillian, and 1 hour 45 minutes of walking. I didn’t quite meet my goal, but I got pretty close.

Eating more veggies and fruit: I have improved on this. I bought some veggies at the beginning of the week from the grocery store and farmers market in the middle of the week.  I added some veggies to my omelets and salads and I bought a Kale salad mix at the end of the week that I’ve had for a few meals. I still need more improvement in this, but I think I’m doing good.

Weight loss this week: 1.5 pounds Total weight loss for this challenge is 6.5 pounds. I was so relieved to see a loss and look forward to what next week brings with my new motivation! 8.5 pounds to go!

What motivates you toward healthy living?

This post is part of my #15×15 challenge. Feel free to join up with your own healthy living goals. If you need some accountability feel free to check-in in the comments, daily on Facebook, or by using the #15×15 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

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