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Our 2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

A few years ago I thought I was set. I thought I had the perfect curriculum choices for my family. The rest of this homeschool journey would be easy, just get the next level of this book and I’m done. I found out quickly that that was not going to work.

My children are different. They learn differently and sure I could keep using the same thing and adjust this and that but it’s just easier when I find a different curriculum that has it figured out for me. So, I have made some minor changes this year and may have to make more, but this is our current curriculum list.

Homeschool Curriculum for 2013-2014


Joel 2nd Grade

  • Abeka Language 2– Joel started this last year. I decided to have him stop mid-year to focus on handwriting. We will start up again once he finishes learning his lowercase letters.
  • Logic of English Cursive Handwriting– This is something we started mid-year. The curriculum I had picked to use last year just wasn’t helping, so we found this and I am seeing significant improvement.
  • Singapore Math 2A and 2B – We are continuing to practice addition and subtraction facts while moving on to this book.
  • All About Spelling Level 2– We started All About Spelling mid-year last year, when I saw the curriculum  we were using being such a struggle to learn and teach from. I’m looking forward to continuing on the path with this curriculum.


Lydia 4th Grade

  • Abeka Language A– We’ve used Abeka all along for Phonics and Language and have found it to work pretty well with all the kids.
  • A Reason for Handwriting T– Lydia started this book last year learning the cursive letters and will continue with more practice of writing words and Bible verses.
  • Singapore Math 4A and 4B– Lydia loves math and this year she gets to learn more about multiplication and long division.(I am kind of dreading the long division, but maybe she’ll pick it up quick?)
  • Writing Aids– This is the writing program that comes with Tapestry of Grace. This will be Lydia’s first official year using it, but I think she’ll do well.
  • Typing– I told Lydia after she learned cursive, she could work on typing. I’m still working on finding what program, since our last one has a bug…
  • Piano Lessons– This will be Lydia’s second year of piano.
  • All About Spelling Level 3-4– Like Joel, Lydia started All About Spelling mid-year last year and she zoomed right through the first two levels. We are in the middle of level 3 right now, so I anticipate starting Level 4 mid-year.


Abigail 6th Grade

  • Abeka Language B– This is the book that Abigail did last year and we didn’t get it finished. I decided to just keep on and finish it and possibly take a break after that so she can focus on writing skills.
  • Handwriting Proverbs– We started this last year and will continue where we left off for this year.
  • Singapore Math 5B and 6A– We are going to keep going with Singapore this year, but I’m looking into changing it once she finishes 6B. Any suggestions?
  • Writing Aids– Abigail will be working at levels 5 and 6 this year.
  • Piano Lessons– This is Abigail’s 4th year of piano and she is finally at the point where she actually likes it. She doesn’t mind practicing and will sit down at the piano and play her favorite songs. I thought it might never happen!


  • Apologia Anatomy– We started this last year and will finish it this year. We are all really enjoying learning more about the bodies God gave us.
  • Tapestry of Grace Year 4– This year we will be learning modern history. I love Tapestry of Grace and the great books it suggests as we learn history, literature, geography, and fine arts. I am planning on have all three kids at different levels this year. We’ll see how that goes…
  • BSF Matthew– We did Bible Study Fellowship last year for the first time as a family and it was SO good. We all increased in our knowledge of the Bible, learned how to study it, and apply it better. Last year we studied Genesis and I’m looking forward to what we all learn in Matthew this year.
  • Physical Fitness– We will learn some of this from our science. We also enjoy using Subway’s Random Acts of Fitness and hope they have another fitness challenge this year. Other things we do are walks, bike rides, exercise dvd’s, swimming, and just plain old playing outside.

I planned to overview some of these last year, but honestly needed a break from blogging and never got to it. I would love to do it this year and have it in the plans, but no promises. Once school starts up it seems to get a little busier in our house. Sound familiar? So, I’ll do my best.

If you’ve done a post about the curriculum your using this year feel free to share the link in the comments. I always enjoy seeing what other people are using.

Disclosure: I am an All About Spelling Affiliate. If you click on their links and make a purchase I will receive a small portion of the sale.

6 thoughts on “Our 2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Isn’t it funny how you think just one thing is going to work and you find yourself having to switch out? Well I had to do that already 4 weeks into our new school year. But the switch has worked out much better than I thought.


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