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#15×15 Check-in: Step Away From the Roller Coaster

This week was full of fun… and pain. I have been having some odd foot pain. It hasn’t affected my running but usually starts hurting later in the day.

As if foot pain wasn’t enough, I decided to join my kids on one roller coaster ride this week and the next day I was stuck in the recliner and on ice most of the day. I couldn’t turn my head well and was not going anywhere fast.


The next morning it seemed almost worse and I immediately made a chiropractor appointment. She checked me all out and moved things back in the right direction. I’m still recovering, three days later, but you can just bet my answer will be no when I get asked to ride a roller coaster again.

My #15×15 Goals

Drink 80 oz water per day: I felt like I actually did pretty well all week drinking between 7-10 cups most days. I had 2 days of meeting the 80 oz.

Exercise: This was way down because of my pain. I have a very crazy schedule this next week so I’m going to have to work extra hard to get some exercise in, but it’s possible.

Eating: This has not been great.  I did try the roasted broccoli but I think I need to work at perfecting it. It was so-so. I also bought some chocolate.  Just in case you’re wondering the Chocolate with hazelnuts from Aldi is very good, but don’t tell anyone I’m the one who told you.

Weight Loss this week: 2.5 pounds! Despite all my failures I somehow lost 2.5 pounds! That makes for a total of 9 pounds gone and only 6 more to go!

This post is part of my #15×15 challenge. Feel free to join up with your own healthy living goals. If you need some accountability feel free to check-in in the comments, daily on Facebook, or by using the #15×15 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

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