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As moms we all now that this Back-to-School season is busy. Whether your homeschooling or sending your kids off to school, it doesn’t matter, life just gets a little crazier. That’s why this week I implemented the emeals dinner plan into our meal plan. I needed something already planned out for me, something I didn’t need to think about and put together myself.

Emeals has made my life much easier this week and here’s why.

I saved money: I picked a menu that I could shop for at Aldi. Shopping at Aldi already saves me money but having a plan beforehand helps even more. I’m not buying extra things I might not use or forgetting things and driving to the store one more time.

I saved time: I’m good at buying food but sometimes, when it comes to a menu, I just go blank. Emeals has it all planned out for me. I want 7 dinners, they give it to me. Shopping list? Already done. Approximate cost? Calculated. If I happen to forget my list at home they have a handy-dandy app with my plan on it.

Added variety: Spaghetti, again? Emeals provides me with recipes I haven’t tried before and they’re usually recipes the whole family loves. I don’t have to rotate the same old dinner plans.

Using emeals, I don’t just have one menu to choose from. There are 12 –  Classic, Vegetarian, Crockpot, Paleo – Anyone is bound to find a menu their family will love. I can even pick my favorite grocery store to go to and buy plans for every meal of the day.


We moms can get in a rut of  Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunches. Emeals wants to help give you some great menu options for your child’s lunches and make your job easier.

This month they are offering you a FREE pdf with a sample of their 5 day lunch plan. They’ve also included a checklist and some sweet notes to put in with your child’s lunch.

Sign up before September 1 and use the code SCHOOL15 to get 15% off your meal plan.


Disclaimer: Emeals has provided me with a year of free dinner plans as being part of their blogger network. All opinions are my own.



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