Welcome to My Un-Pinteresting Home

Better Homes and Gardens, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Eat your heart out, because today I am going to show you my home… unedited.

None of this was staged. This was really how my house looked at this moment when I got the idea. The idea that many of us feel weary, like we’re not doing good enough. When in reality we’ve just filled our brains with too many images of the Traditional Home. I am about to debunk all the myths let my flab show with no, cropping.

Welcome to my home!


Watch your step, we were actually getting a little cleaning done, surprise, surprise, and my child just wanted to leave the evidence, so you believed us. Don’t trip over the vacuum or it’s cord.

You need to hang up your jacket? Um… okay I’m sure there’s a spare hanger in here… somewhere, but you’ll have to place your shoes in the hall.



That’s a little better.

We’ll round the corner and here’s one of the many overflowing bookcases, no order at all here. You will find sci-fi, christian fiction, photo books, classics… Pick your poison.


To your left are the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.


I think we’ll just stay downstairs today. We’ll take a right, past the book case, and to the dining room.


Simple, and yes, somewhat clean. Too clean. It seems that something (or things) is missing. The wall is totally blank because I have a project waiting for me in the garage that will go there. It’s been waiting for about a year. And the dining room chairs? I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere.

Turn around and you will see my writing/working/playing/minecraft/budgeting/you name it station. Now maybe you see why this blog sits empty most of the time.

Envy, I can see it. You may need to leave this page now.


Somehow I missed the living room, but what you would see would be another overflowing unorganized bookcase (no rhyme or reason, we just read), a couch littered with miscellaneous books and papers, and a piano. Moving on.

Let’s go to the kitchen. Yes, I do post some pretty quaint pictures from this little space, but not today. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_5757  IMG_5759  IMG_5758

Let’s go downstairs where the magic happens. You may have to suck it in a little as we go around the corner. See, I was cleaning and decluttering and then it just got stuck in the stairway.

IMG_5752  IMG_5761

Ah, yes, the laundry room, actually cleaner than usual, as this was the room being decluttered. Maybe we’ll just stay here for a while. Not interested? Okay.


Let’s move to the homeschool room where my children blossom and excel above all others!

or read books and leave crafts lying on the floor. None of this disorganization is mine.


Okay, maybe it is.

In the last wing of the basement is our tv room.

The dining room chairs! There was definitely some fun had here! And then it was left…


Don’t miss Baby Jesus in the corner. He has hung out with us all year long, because God’s not dead He’s surely alive! and ain’t nobody gonna put Baby Jesus in a box!


But apparently it’s okay if you put Baby in the corner.

I’d show you the bedrooms, but honestly isn’t this enough? I’m sure you feel better already!

Yes, ironically, I do sell cleaning products, but nothing that declutters yet. (Notice the bookshelf is dust free. Again, not staged.)

These pictures are a little embarrassing, but hey it’s real life. I figured you all could use a dose of that.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to My Un-Pinteresting Home

  1. HAHAHA! I love it. 99% of Americans would feel at home in your home because that’s EXACTLY what everyone else’s house looks like. I suspect you’ve just validated millions of housewives in that they’re not the only one living in a non-magazine picture-perfect household.


  2. Exposing reality is what frees us and others from trying to live up to unreal expectations. It still takes courage to do so, and you do it well.


  3. Hello, I found your blog because of a comment you left on The Homeschool Classroom, regarding cursve handwriting. I suspect my 11 year old has dysgraphia and wondered if you would tell me if these signs sound familiar? (I am not interested in having him evaluated by any school, unless it appears he will need more time on standardized tests or such later on).

    He has always had great difficulty with spelling, and is only now beginning to spell conventionally, but not entirely. He cries often over writing assignments because he has difficulty organizing his thoughts on paper, although Writing With Ease by Susan Wise Bauer has been a godsend for our writing time. He is in the sixth grade, but still needs second-grade lined paper, or his writing is all over the place and way too large. Cursive is very difficult for him, at least with Handwriting Without Tears. It is not working and I will have to find something else. He is no where near ready for college-ruled paper, for instance. I am pleased with his progress especially this year, but I still strongly suspect he has dysgraphia, which is listed as having difficulty with handwriting, spelling, and organizing thoughts on paper. He also has ADHD and OCD, and it is common for some ADHD kids to also have learning disabilities.

    Do these symptoms sound familiar? Thank you!


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