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My Word for 2014

Safe. Regular. Planned. Normal. Comfort. Routine.

Those are all words I like. They make me feel good. I’m the kind of girl who likes to know what’s going on and if there’s a change, give me time to adapt to it. I don’t mean 5 minutes, 24 hours at least, please.

When I’m going out to eat, I like going to places I’ve been before and I usually order the same thing. What can I say? I know what I like. Who needs to try something new when you’re happy with what you have?

Yet, God is teaching me that His plan may go off course of what I have planned. He’s been sneaking it in here and there and I’m learning to adapt.

  • We moved two months after being married from the only place I’ve ever lived. (We pretty much moved every year after that too.)
  • I’m married to a very spontaneous man. We learn to compromise.
  • My husband has a job with odd hours and days. His schedule changes week to week and sometimes day-to-day. It took some time and freak outs until God calmed me down. He helped me let go of my husband’s schedule and learn to be flexible.

I also am an introvert and tend to enjoy my alone time. Talking to people sometimes scares me, especially on the phone.

  • I ended up homeschooling my children, which means I am with people 24/7.
  • I’ve seen God give me words to start a conversation with, when I would normally stumble over small talk.
  • I invite people over to my house.
  • I became a Norwex Consultant and go into people’s homes. I stand up and talk in front of them, all by myself.
  • I even call my customers on the phone occasionally.

This is all craziness to me.

All these crazy little things are what God has brought to my mind as I think about my word for 2014: Adventure


God is doing something new. It’s exciting and scary, but He’s there with me and that’s really all that matters.

I want to thank Melanie from Only a Breath for the pretty little One Word graphic.

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