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Ready to Go

It’s amazing where life takes you, isn’t it?

You spend days, sometimes months, and even sometimes years, wondering where God’s taking you. He’s always doing something, a million somethings every second, yet sometimes we don’t see the full effect for years.

Our family has been going through huge transitions lately. Making it through the bulk of our decision process in these transitions, I feel like I can finally breathe and think freely again. My mind isn’t clouded with the 50 different roads that a certain decision could take us on. It’s nice to be on the other end.

We haven’t quite stepped on those new roads yet, so there is more change to happen, adjusting to be done. For now, I have a few moments to breathe and think. I take these moments and think back to a year ago…

A year ago my husband had been attending seminary taking one class at a time, while also applying to various pastoral positions. About this time last year, we had some doors that we were looking through in a small town in Minnesota, a little island in Alaska, and Abu Dhabi. I am not even joking. I will tell you that God had done a work in our hearts for us to even be open to looking through those doors. We had no idea, where God would take us, but we wanted to follow His lead and had no location hindrance to give the Creator.

We spent months in prayer, wondering, waiting, eager to follow God’s calling. After several interviews and making it through cuts,  final decisions were made. We had our foot lifted, ready to take that next step and God said, stay where you are.

What? Seriously?

It was honestly a little frustrating, having gotten used to the idea of going to some far off place. Our hearts were ready to be obedient, our minds were already rolling with the ideas of what it would be like to live and minister in that place. Then God says, stay where you are?

Well, okay.

Stay tuned for what happens next, later this week: Staying  and Moving.

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